Buried Piping Initiative Program -
Asset Management Support Services

As nuclear power plants continue to operate towards their initial full operating license terms and beyond for an extended license stage, plant asset management and control measures will play an increasing importance in assuring the continued economic viability and safe operations of our nation’s fleet of existing facilities. Over the last few years there have been a number of minor incidents related to corrosion and degradation affecting buried pipes yielding, in some cases leaks or releases of low level radiation, posing old-but-new challenges to some.

Recent industry initiatives have begun to address buried piping and systems throughout the US. Unlike most above ground piping systems or systems within very controlled environments, buried pipes at nuclear plants, as with any industrial facility, can corrode or experience mechanical damage from their outside environments and contact with materials and conditions that affect the functionality and life of the piping and/or systems. For example, effects of corrosion can be slow in developing and it’s cumulative effects can be hard to detect, and can increase the frequency and severity of leaks over time – possibly resulting in modifications or major capital improvements. If ignored, unintended consequences could result in impacting operators and shareholders, as well as their stakeholders.

IBEX has developed an integrated team approach utilizing experience in nuclear design, construction, start-up and operations and partnering arrangements with industry leading piping technologies to assist utilities in planning and addressing BPI program issues. From initial assessment, to planning to identifying pipes most susceptible to corrosion and potential failure requiring corrective action or repair solutions, IBEX is there to help our client’s BPI asset and risk management strategies.

Risk Ranking
- Prioritize the selection of inspection locations
- Series of matrices that correlates
+ the likelihood of failure against the consequences of failure

High Consequence



















IBEX Buried Pipe Services Include:

Program Development – policies, procedures, program database and development of performance
Risk Ranking – prioritize pipe inspection, rank potential risk locations, and finalize inspection methods and costs
Inspection – provide advanced leak detection technology to assess current issues and identify
performance issues
Fitness For Service – integrity assessment
Replacement and repair
Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
Project Management and Communication

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