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Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power has been a primary business focus since the start-up of the company in 1995. Over the years IBEX has been involved in a wide range of nuclear power projects/programs – with nuclear fleet utilities, independent producers, A&E firms and nuclear supply companies.

Electric generating companies are helping create the nuclear power resurgence with concerns about the environment, improving operating performance, lowering cost, increasing generation capacity and utilizing new technology. In addition – 30 companies have announced plans to prepare for the possible construction of new nuclear plants at some point in the near future. IBEX continues to support this resurgence and planned new build by offering a wide range of nuclear engineering and operational services.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance
Buried Piping Support
New Build Support
Engineering Support
Power Up-Rate
Outage Planning, Coordination and Monitoring
Major Modification and Project Support
Operational Experience, Assessment, and Feedback
Safety Analysis

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