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Staffing Services

Finding experienced energy/power/nuclear engineering and technical talent
…. Represents a growing challenge!!!

IBEX can help solve this problem – by providing high quality/experienced engineers and technical staff to manage client-specific projects, operate facilities and back-fill functional staff openings. With years of electric power generation, power distribution, and nuclear experience – we have developed a cadre of professional talent for our use and your consideration. By tapping into contract engineering professionals you benefit by:

Quick response to filling your specific staffing needs
High quality experienced engineering talent (mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, I&C, civil
structural engineers, nuclear engineers, licensing/compliance, PRA)
Flexible staffing resource
Outsource your recruiting, screening, and hiring activities
Keep your permanent staff focused on strategic business initiatives

IBEX can help you deal with peak period spikes, special project and filling key openings – as we understand the industry dynamics and can provide professional talent quickly. In addition IBEX can provide effective consulting and staffing solutions to clients to improve results, enhance productive work environments and provide specific personalized services to resolve business issues.


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